Charity, Knowledge, Poetry

“Be kind. For everyone is fighting a battle you know naught about.”

Keeping in mind those in need

He allocates a percent in charity

Keeping in mind the poor and destitute

He fills the Sadaqa jar diligently

Keeping in mind the hungry

He packs an extra home cooked lunch

Keeping in mind the starving

He strives to waste not a morsel or grain

Keeping in mind the pedestrian

He drives across puddles ever so slowly

Keeping in mind swollen legs

He gives up the seat to the expectant mother

Keeping in mind the loneliness

He spends time listening to his grandparents

Keeping in mind his younger sibling

He buys that lollipop on the way home

Keeping in mind the sleeping babe

He keeps his volume down

Keeping in mind his dad’s fatigue

He massages his oh so tired feet

Keeping in mind his mum’s exhaustion

He plans to treat her with breakfast in bed

Keeping in mind that every little makes a difference

He strives to be K-I-N-D.

Oh how wonderful it is to be kind – it makes this world such a beautiful place.


5 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. If only we are always mindful of others then we’d be kinder towards them. The problem is we’re always so stuck on our focus of #1 so we step on others to get what we want. Always enjoy reading your poetry sister – makes me think! 🙂

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